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Sit-rep for Sentora v2.0
RE: Sit-rep for Sentora v2.0
Why the code is not in github so we can make reviews?

Now even free private repos are available?
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RE: Sit-rep for Sentora v2.0
(04-06-2021, 03:36 AM)Me.B Wrote: Why the code is not in github so we can make reviews?

Now even free private repos are available?

BETA code is available on GitHub. We are trying to keep it private for the closed BETA testing. You have the links in the project forums. Posted it many months ago. If you need private links please PM me and let me know.

NEW: Sentora 2.0 closed BETA with PHP 7+ RELEASED. Beta testing is under way. 

Sentora's quick recovery depends on community support and donations. We need to stand as one and help Sentora into the future.

Donate HERE and do your part. We thank you for your support.
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RE: Sit-rep for Sentora v2.0
we can have private repos on github. It's not an issue.
No support using PM (Auto adding to IGNORE list!), use the forum. 
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RE: Sit-rep for Sentora v2.0
Thank you very much buddy.
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RE: Sit-rep for Sentora v2.0
(04-04-2021, 10:54 AM)mohamedh Wrote: Hey, just donated to support this project.
Thanks for all your work !

I had several attempts to run Santora with php7 and I broke a lot of things when I tried to do this hahaha. Have been considering migrating to another panel since a couple of months now due to the lack of php 7 but when I saw the news about Sentora v2 it made me happy Smile

Any chance I could get into the beta-testers list?

Right now it is a closed beta for people who we know that understand the core inside and out. Once that is complete, either an open beta or release is planned.
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RE: Sit-rep for Sentora v2.0
Cant wait to get access to the beta Smile
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RE: Sit-rep for Sentora v2.0
(01-25-2021, 07:58 AM)TGates Wrote: - CentOs (7/8) & Ubuntu (16.04,18.04,20.04) with PHP 7+ support ( Depending on default supported PHP version)
- Upgraded core to support PHP 7+
I hope you guys are not repeating the same mistake and by 7+ you mean 7.X and 8+. PHP 7 may die soon, so if your panel is not PHP 8+ compatible. you will eventually run into the same problem again. It will be like releasing a panel bound to die with 100% certainty...

Can't wait to try the new beta. Keep up the good work!
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