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Thanks for Sentora
Thanks for Sentora
Hi all, just wanted to say thanks for Sentora. I'm currently unable to work due to sickness, so having a web hobby keeps me sane. I have some great ideas I want to explore, but I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to servers.
Also, I can't afford much these days, so thanks for OVH's Kimsufi servers as well!
I've spent around two months installing and re-installing different operating systems and control panels, trying to find something suitable, and what I've noticed is that almost every open source panel requires a user to have a bit more knowledge than most hosting clients would have.
Users like simplicity, and unfortunately most control panels are anything but simple.
EHCP for example...well compare it to cpanel, simplicity wise. A hosting client can instictively guess what to do with cpanel, but ehcp is clumsy and makes even the smallest task mindboggling.
Then there's zpanel...well I don't know if it's good or not, never actually got to install it as it's installer doesn't work.
Kloxo has security issues and doesn't seem to have enough interested developers, ispconfig again is confusing. As is Froxlor, DTC and gnu panel.
In fact there's only two worth mentioning, imscp and Sentora.
I do like imscp but thought I'd check out Sentora before making my ultimate decision, and Sentora it is!
It installed like a dream on Ubuntu 14.04, though I had to uninstall bind first as kimsufi doesn't provide a 'raw' install.
Setting up was relatively simple, but more clients will know what to do almost immediately, and where they get stuck, i can explain an answer without having to do hours of research first!
Also, many thanks to TGates for his excellent add-ons and simple install instructions....a true professional!
One question that's always bugged me about open source control panels.....I used to run a free hosting set up provided by byet internet. Theire control panel used net2ftp, as does many other control panels, but with byet, once you'd logged into your control panel, you didn't have to again log intp net2ftp, you just clicked filemanager and were instantly logged in.
Why is it that no other control panel does this? Just curious.
Finally, did I say thanks? No? Ok, Thanks so much for Sentora.
Thanks given by: TGates , Cantalupo
RE: Thanks for Sentora
You are welcome...

For netftp, I think the software is no more updated & fear we have security issues that back fire. Notice you can use other packages like monstaftp & we have already a module using monstaFTP.

I think the team still want to focus on improving core features & we still have a lot to do. Users can always build such modules and offer them.

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RE: Thanks for Sentora
Thanks! And some good info in your post too! BTW, Sentora can be considered ZPanelX 10.2.0 - therefore, you 'technically' have ZPanel installed LOL
Read here for a bit more history:
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RE: Thanks for Sentora
Fine words.

His words are mine.
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