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Getting Awstats to work
RE: Getting Awstats to work
(12-13-2014, 05:23 AM)MarkDark Wrote:
(12-13-2014, 05:10 AM)Leonx Wrote: It worked fine for you on WINDOWS, amazing work sherlock.. All work fine for you in that one case, now you go around calling people incompetent, how about don't be a dork hey.

And this thread was about awstats and why that didn't work.. sorry i didn't get the memo about sentora breaking cgi/perl for better security.. I'm sure its much more secure now... however it worked fine in zpanel so I made the thread to find out what had changed and if anyone has a way to get it working again I don't need the useless replies that go off topic.

Excuse Me! I do not speak English.
And apparently poorly understood you.
I speak Russian.
Do you speak russian, so we talked to normal?
I tested the script on Windows and Linux Ubuntu 12 everything works fine.
And about the disable CGI and Perl this information posted in the forum... Dodgy

You tested it on windows, now you say you tested it on ubuntu 12 with sentora....

and ron go back to making buggy themes, not trolling my thread thanks.
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RE: Getting Awstats to work
1) You have been told why awstat is disabled. If you want to make it to work you can find how to restore CGI from github changes.
2) We will not help to make a setup known to be unsecure. If someone is not able to setup it by himself, he will be not able to secure it.
3) The forum "BetaTest 1.0.0 is intended to report problem this installer/core version,, not for wishes (make something deliberately disabled to word). I'll move this thread in general question forum.
4) The Sentora forum is intended to be a mutual help place, not a childern battle place. Please all concerned stop harassing other people with bird names.
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RE: Getting Awstats to work
I find it sad that trollers like rone can leave negative rep and yet negative rep left for there trollop comments can be removed.

***** this place trolls like rone, and good for nothing 'support' me.b (he might aswel retire his posts are useless) haven't seen topic yet where me.b reply was actually helpful to anyone.
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