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Restore Module Menu
RE: [HOW-TO]Restore Module Menu
Hello and thanks for the good advice do i notice that the table is outdated and not working 100% with the latest default modules so in case this happens again to anyone you can use this tables

Note: First steps of removing any 3rd party modules is recommended to follow.

/*Table structure for table `x_permissions` */

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `x_permissions`;

CREATE TABLE `x_permissions` (
  `pe_id_pk` int(6) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `pe_group_fk` int(6) DEFAULT NULL,
  `pe_module_fk` int(6) DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`pe_id_pk`)

/*Data for the table `x_permissions` */

insert  into `x_permissions` (`pe_id_pk`,`pe_group_fk`,`pe_module_fk`) values
(1,1,18),  (2,1,35),  (3,2,35),  (4,3,35),  (5,1,28),  (6,1,12),  (7,2,12),  (8,3,12),  (9,1,41), (10,1,11),
(11,2,11), (12,3,11), (13,1,42), (14,2,42), (15,1,22), (16,2,22), (17,3,22), (18,1,34), (19,2,34), (20,3,34),
(21,1,30), (22,1,29), (23,2,29), (24,3,29), (25,1,15), (26,2,15), (27,3,15), (28,1,27), (29,2,27), (30,3,27),
(31,1,33), (32,2,33), (33,3,33), (34,1,26), (35,2,26), (36,3,26), (37,1,40), (38,1,36), (39,1,32), (40,2,32),
(41,3,32), (42,1,19), (43,2,19), (44,1,31), (45,2,31), (46,1,9),  (47,2,9),  (48,3,9),  (49,1,24), (50,2,24),
(51,3,24), (52,1,39), (53,2,39), (54,3,39), (55,1,20), (56,2,20), (57,1,16), (58,2,16), (59,3,16), (60,1,1),
(61,2,1),  (62,3,1),  (63,1,8),  (64,2,8),  (65,3,8),  (66,1,23), (67,1,43), (68,2,43), (69,3,43), (70,1,14),
(71,2,14), (72,3,14), (73,1,3),  (74,2,3),  (75,1,17), (76,2,17), (77,3,17), (78,1,46), (79,2,46), (80,1,6),
(81,1,25), (82,2,25), (83,3,25), (84,1,47), (85,2,47), (86,3,47), (87,1,10), (88,2,10), (89,3,10), (90,1,4),
(91,1,5),  (92,1,48), (93,2,48), (94,3,48);


/*Table structure for table `x_modules` */


CREATE TABLE `x_modules` (
  `mo_id_pk` int(6) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `mo_category_fk` int(6) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
  `mo_name_vc` varchar(200) NOT NULL,
  `mo_version_in` int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
  `mo_folder_vc` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  `mo_type_en` enum('user','system','modadmin','lang') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'user',
  `mo_desc_tx` text,
  `mo_installed_ts` int(30) DEFAULT NULL,
  `mo_enabled_en` enum('true','false') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'true',
  `mo_updatever_vc` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL,
  `mo_updateurl_tx` text,
  PRIMARY KEY (`mo_id_pk`)

/*Data for the table `x_modules` */

insert  into `x_modules`(`mo_id_pk`,`mo_category_fk`,`mo_name_vc`,`mo_version_in`,`mo_folder_vc`,`mo_type_en`,`mo_desc_tx`,`mo_installed_ts`,`mo_enabled_en`,`mo_updatever_vc`,`mo_updateurl_tx`) values
(1,2,'PHPInfo',100,'phpinfo','user','PHPInfo provides you with information regarding the version of PHP running on this system as well as installed PHP extensions and configuration details.',0,'true','',''),
(3,2,'Shadowing',100,'shadowing','user','From here you can shadow any of your client\'s accounts, this enables you to automatically login as the user which enables you to offer remote help by seeing what they see!',0,'true','',''),
(4,2,'Sentora Config',100,'sentoraconfig','user','Changes made here affect the entire Sentora configuration, please double check everything before saving changes.',0,'true','',''),
(5,2,'Sentora News',100,'news','user','Find out all the latest news and information from the Sentora project.',0,'true','',''),
(6,2,'Updates',100,'updates','user','Check to see if there are any available updates to your version of the Sentora software.',0,'true','',''),
(8,4,'phpMyAdmin',100,'phpmyadmin','user','phpMyAdmin is a web based tool that enables you to manage your Sentora MySQL databases via. the web.',0,'true','',''),
(9,1,'My Account',100,'my_account','user','Current personal details that you have provided us with, We ask that you keep these upto date in case we require to contact you regarding your hosting package.\r\n',0,'true','',''),
(10,6,'WebMail',100,'webmail','user','Webmail is a convenient way for you to check your email accounts online without the need to configure an email client.',0,'true','',''),
(11,1,'Change Password',100,'password_assistant','user','Change your current control panel password.',0,'true','',''),
(12,3,'Backup',100,'backupmgr','user','The backup manager module enables you to backup your entire hosting account including all your MySQL® databases.',0,'true','',''),
(14,3,'Service Status',100,'services','user','Here you can check the current status of our services and see what services are up and running and which are down and not.',0,'true','',''),
(15,5,'Domains',100,'domains','user','This module enables you to add or configure domain web hosting on your account.',0,'true','',''),
(16,5,'Parked Domains',100,'parked_domains','user','Domain parking refers to the registration of an Internet domain name without that domain being used to provide services such as e-mail or a website. If you have any domains that you are not using, then simply park them!',0,'true','',''),
(17,5,'Sub Domains',100,'sub_domains','user','This module enables you to add or configure domain web hosting on your account.',0,'true','',''),
(18,2,'Module Admin',100,'moduleadmin','user','Administer or configure modules registered with module admin',0,'true','',''),
(19,7,'Manage Clients',100,'manage_clients','user','The account manager enables you to view, update and create client accounts.',0,'true','',''),
(20,7,'Package Manager',100,'packages','user','Welcome to the Package Manager, using this module enables you to create and manage existing reseller packages on your Sentora hosting account.',0,'true','',''),
(22,3,'Cron Manager',100,'cron','user','Here you can configure PHP scripts to run automatically at different time intervals.',0,'true','',''),
(23,2,'phpSysInfo',100,'phpsysinfo','user','phpSysInfo is a web-based server hardware monitoring tool which enables you to see detailed hardware statistics of your server.',0,'true','',''),
(24,4,'MySQL Database',100,'mysql_databases','user','MySQL® databases are used by many PHP applications such as forums and ecommerce systems, below you can manage and create MySQL® databases.',0,'true','',''),
(25,1,'Usage Viewer',100,'usage_viewer','user','The account usage screen enables you to see exactly what you are currently using on your hosting package.',0,'true','',''),
(26,8,'FTP Accounts',100,'ftp_management','user','Using this module you can create FTP accounts which will enable you and any other accounts you create to have the ability to upload and manage files on your hosting space.',0,'true','',''),
(27,3,'FAQ\'s',100,'faqs','user','Please find a list of the most common questions from users, if you are unable to find a solution to your problem below please then contact your hosting provider. Simply click on the FAQ below to view the solution.',NULL,'true','',''),
(28,0,'Apache Config',100,'apache_admin','modadmin','This module enables you to configure Apache Vhost settings for your hosting accounts.',0,'true','',''),
(29,5,'DNS Manager',100,'dns_manager','user',NULL,0,'true','',''),
(30,0,'DNS Config',100,'dns_admin','modadmin','This module enables you to configure DNS settings for the DNS Manager',NULL,'true','',''),
(31,7,'Manage Groups',100,'manage_groups','user','Manage user groups to enable greater control over module permission.',0,'true','',''),
(32,6,'Mailboxes',100,'mailboxes','user','Using this module you have the ability to create IMAP and POP3 Mailboxes.',0,'true','',''),
(33,6,'Forwards',100,'forwarders','user','Using this module you have the ability to create mail forwarders.',0,'true','',''),
(34,6,'Distribution Lists',100,'distlists','user','This module enables you to create and manage email distribution groups.',0,'true','',''),
(35,6,'Aliases',100,'aliases','user','Using this module you have the ability to create alias mailboxes to existing accounts.',0,'true','',''),
(36,0,'Mail Config',100,'mail_admin','modadmin','This module enables you to configure your mail options',NULL,'true','',''),
(39,4,'MySQL Users',100,'mysql_users','user','MySQL® Users allows you to add users and permissions to your MySQL® databases.',NULL,'true','',''),
(40,0,'FTP Config',100,'ftp_admin','modadmin','This module enables you to configure FTP settings for your hosting accounts.',NULL,'true','',''),
(41,0,'Backup Config',100,'backup_admin','modadmin','This module enables you to configure Backup settings for your hosting accounts.',NULL,'true','',''),
(42,7,'Client Notice Manager',100,'client_notices','user','Enables resellers to set global notices for their clients.',NULL,'true',NULL,NULL),
(46,7,'Theme Manager',100,'theme_manager','user','Enables the reseller to set themes configurations for their clients.',0,'true','',NULL),
(47,3,'Webalizer Stats',100,'webalizer_stats','user','You can view many statistics such as visitor infomation, bandwidth used, referal infomation and most viewed pages etc. Web stats are based on Domains and sub-domains so to view web stats for a particular domain or subdomain use the drop-down menu to select the domain or sub-domain you want to view web stats for.',0,'true','',NULL),
(48,3,'Protected Directories',200,'protected_directories','user','Password protect your web applications and directories.',NULL,'true','','');

this table can also be updated anytime so i recommend to take the latest table structure and content from GIT - Installer SQL for 1.0.0

with this you can almost fell free to test other modules as is a simple way to restore your modules configuration Smile

Happy Testing the awesome Sentora
Thanks given by: TGates , Cantalupo , wpmagic

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