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Suggestions for the next release of sentora
Suggestions for the next release of sentora
Hi everyone...

I had some time using sentora in testing mode, in amazon AWS (EC2 micro instance+EBS+elastic IP+SES for verified outgoing mail), now my free 12 months of AWS has finished, no i'm testing it on virtual machine for remember install, config an bugs solutions (in AWS i just had a bug with ftp server on fresh install).

So, i not participate in the forum actively, my low level of english is a limitant, i dont care to much updates related with a little isual functions, i prefer stability on any system, i just waht a sugest that in the sentora panel coud be this:

Automatize Panel and webmail subdomains for the costumer domains, example:

i'm a normal user in sentora and set up my domain:

if i want enter to my panel i have to use:
it could be great if i can use:

for mail i have to use:

it could be great if i can use: or

I known that i coud do it manually, a do it in my test, but it would be great that it was automatic on domain setup, for any user type: admin, resellers, users.

Inclusive, put in the sentors config a option for set the subdomain name for the panel and web access url, and on domain setup aautomatically sentora do the config.

example: mail domain prefix: string value

string value example: mail/correo

the same for the panel

So thats all my comments, i will try participate and feed back my experience and help if i can in the forum.

Thanks for your time (for develop sentora), and for read my thread.
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RE: Suggestions for the next release of sentora
Just modify the field for new domain when you add it to sentora dns

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RE: Suggestions for the next release of sentora
yep agree we should isolate apps using subdomains.
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RE: Suggestions for the next release of sentora
This is not a good solution and would break the modular design of Sentora. As well as needing extra SSL entries/certificates if you use SSL. The best practice, and easiest, is to use a folder alias added to each domain like /webmail or /mysql for example: or
These do not require additional DNS configurations and will work under the main domain's SSL certificate if in use.
This is the method I have been using and is described here: [How-To] Set up /webmail or /mysql for all domains

Note about breaking the modular design:
Sentora modules are meant to rely on themselves only. For example, you can completely remove the DNS manager and bind9 and use external DNS withou affecting any other panel functions.
I do suppose adding a check to see if DNS Manager=Enabled>Add / entries. (You can not use since the 'mail' sub domain is reserved for the email server's mx records.)

Creating for all domains is a great idea but the panel is currently designed to work off one main domain like
Past tests of using just IP,,, etc. have shown random issues with functionality such as module failures. (Incorrect paths and URLs)

From a security standpoint as server owner, is literally the best practice since the server owner can put SSL on to it to ensure encrypted access to the panel, unlike if a customer uses and does not add SSL their connection to the panel will not be as secure. (Same with and

I'll see if I can make some time this week for testing some of the above functionality.
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