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No Matching Directories "sentora" doesn't exist?
No Matching Directories "sentora" doesn't exist?
I have a new install of Sentora running CentOS 6.6 on EC2. I am a bit of a noob, but I can't figure out why none of the paths shown in the documentation or admin panel exist on my server??

For instance, as su, I try to "cd /etc/sentora", but that directory doesn't exists.

Any ideas what I can be doing wrong?

cd /etc

acpi cron.daily dracut.conf.d hosts.deny mailcap opt rc0.d sasl2 sudo-ldap.conf
adjtime cron.deny elinks.conf init makedev.d pam.d rc1.d securetty sysconfig
aliases cron.hourly environment init.d man.config passwd rc2.d security sysctl.conf
aliases.db cron.monthly ethers inittab mime.types passwd- rc3.d selinux system-release
alternatives crontab exports inputrc mke2fs.conf pkcs11 rc4.d services system-release-cpe
amavisd.conf cron.weekly favicon.png iproute2 modprobe.d pki rc5.d sestatus.conf terminfo
anacrontab crypttab filesystems issue motd plymouth rc6.d shadow udev
apt csf fstab mtab pm rc.d shadow- virc
at.deny csh.cshrc gai.conf krb5.conf my.cnf popt.d rc.local shells wgetrc
audisp csh.login gcrypt named portreserve rc.sysinit skel X11
audit dbus-1 gnupg named.conf postfix redhat-release smart xdg
bash_completion.d default group named.iscdlv.key ppp resolv.conf ssh xinetd.d
bashrc depmod.d group- libaudit.conf named.rfc1912.zones prelink.conf.d rndc.key ssl yum
bashrce dhcp grub.conf libuser.conf named.root.key printcap rpc statetab yum.conf
blkid DIR_COLORS gshadow localtime nanorc profile rpm statetab.d yum.repos.d
centos-release DIR_COLORS.256color gshadow- login.defs NetworkManager profile.d rsyslog.conf subversion
chkconfig.d DIR_COLORS.lightbgcolor host.conf logrotate.conf networks protocols rsyslog.d sudo.conf
clamd.conf dovecot hosts logrotate.d nsswitch.conf pure-ftpd rwtab sudoers
cron.d dracut.conf hosts.allow magic openldap rc rwtab.d sudoers.d
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RE: No Matching Directories "sentora" doesn't exist?
I doubt you installed sentora. Sentora installer will check if your system meets requirement.

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RE: No Matching Directories "sentora" doesn't exist?
lol. I did in fact, install sentora. I was able to access the control panel itself without issue. I've e-imaged my instance and have moved back to Plesk.
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