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5 Tricks To Adjust Invisible Zipper
5 Tricks To Adjust Invisible Zipper
5 Tricks To Adjust Invisible Zipper

So maybe as a beginner, you may be going through some of the difficulties like adjusting the invisible zipper. When I was a beginner, I got stuck at the same problem but everything has a solution. I came up with some of the tricks through which you can adjust your invisible zipper in case you are not comfortable with it or you want to change it for a good reason.

I prefer to attach zipper with the help of an affordable sewing machine for beginners because I don’t have to go through the complications of handling the machine. If you want to know more about the best heavy duty sewing machine [Image: AUCkCxS.gif] to deal with layers of fabrics, visit CraftsSelection to choose the right machine. Let’s go through some of the tricks of adjusting the zipper.

Make it Flat:

The first thing you should apply to sew the zipper into anything and to make it invisible as well as comfortable is to make it flat. Now the question must be how you can make the zipper flat when it’s already straight? Well, you can see how there is a little twist and turn in the line of the zipper and once you attach the zipper to the garment, this thing can create problems.

[Image: GpWimf5.png]

Make the zipper flat when sewing

To avoid this kind of problem and to make sure whatever you are doing will be good enough, you must take precautions. Take sewing pins and start attaching the zipper to the garment inch by inch. Keep pressing the zipper with the help of your fingertips and leave it for 3-4 minutes. Without removing the pins. Start stitching the zipper to the garment and once it’s finished you can see how beautiful and professional your work will be.


You can say this is the second part of making it flat. The way we press seam to make it flat and to remove the bulky edges, in the same manner, you have to press the zipper. If you don’t want to go to the ironing station or there is some problem with the iron then you can apply the pins trick but if you have an iron then I prefer to use it for better results. The best basic sewing machine for beginners will work properly if you will make the zipper flat.

Start pressing the zipper from the wrong side and keep the process going on for about 2-3 minutes until you can see the crisp of the zipper. Now you can adjust the zipper as you want into the garment with the help of a sewing machine or by hand, as you want. To make your work look professional you just have to keep applying several things to achieve the desired results in the end.

Cut the Length:

In some cases, you may want to cut the zipper to adjust the length because your project requirement is to have a short zipper as compared to the one you have. Of course, this is not a time to rush to the market and buy a new one for the project. Keep yourself relax and take steps wisely. Take a tool through which you can pull out the jaws of the zipper if you are applying a metal zipper.

Remove some jaws of the zipper just before the stopper and then you can fold that piece. In case you are using some other zipper then simply just mark the place from where you want to cut the zipper and simply remove it. Always measure the zipper from the top of the pull and cut from the stopper side. In this way, you can adjust it without putting so much effort.

If you are looking for a strong sewing machine that should be easy in handling as well or you need a guide about sewing then check this guide best heavy duty sewing machine [Image: 5gsJfRS.gif] to find a good one.

[Image: yFBKnNV.png]

Cut the zipper to adjust the length


If you don’t want to go for the pins and other options to adjust the zipper but you want to select something easier and comfortable then we have another solution. That solution is fabric taping. There is nothing difficult in using that tape, you just have to repeat the simple process of sticking the tape on the wrong side of the fabric along with the zipper.

In most of the cases, in the beginning, you may get stuck where you have to cleanly fold the fabric to the sides of the zipper to make it invisible but after being done with the stitches when you will try to open and close the zipper you can see how it’s not working properly. In this case, use taping and start sewing with the help of sewing machine. The edges will not reveal and zipper will work properly.


No matter how many tricks and techniques you are going to apply while adjusting the zipper but if the alignment game is not strong then I am sorry to say, you can never be successful in sewing an invisible zipper. To all the dear and creative sewers reading my blog out there, the first thing you should do to apply the first stitch on the zipper is to make sure that the alignment is totally okay and you don’t have to rip the stitches later.

To check the alignment you can measure it with the scale and observe whether everything is alright or not? With the alignment don’t forget to fold the edges of the fabric neatly around the corners of the zipper. You can also press the fabric around the zipper with the help of iron to make it flat and to get rid of the needle tricks.

Final words

To sew an invisible zipper is an art in itself and when you will get success in this task, you can pat yourself. I used to think about how they can adjust the zipper into the dress without the rough edges but after applying certain tricks without getting panic, I succeeded.
In case you are sewing something heavier then you may need a good heavy duty sewing machine for the zipper adjustment. For the complete guide, you can read this Easy Tips To Find The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine For Home Use Reviews [Image: X6f5wTh.gif] where you will find the most complete guide on which heavy duty sewing machine to buy. Choose wisely!
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