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I ask for a little?
I ask for a little?
Absolute 3 Best Online Games to Download on Android

Online games for Android give you the opportunity of playing with others and proving yourself as a skilled player if you were to give it the time. Here are the best.

Your Android smartphones are an essential part of you life - there is no doubt about it. Also, entertainment is surely the best part of mobile phones and to download apk for games and play them are the most popular form of it.

Android games take many forms depending on the player's taste. However, online Android games are the best choice for you, especially with advanced and high-speed internet. They enables you to interact and compete with other people, as well as to reach the best rank in the game.

But there are thousands of online releases existing, so we will introduce you the best ever Android games ever.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG mobile)

[Image: sbVbCeu.png]

There is no way you can miss this game. It’s a free online Android game that was only released earlier this year. PUBG mobile is definitely one of the best Android online games offered, especially for multiplayer fans.

PUBG was originally made for PC gamers, but with its popularity, Tencent games decided to build another PUBG game for Android users called PUBG mobile.

PUBG is an online game where the player meets 99 other players on an isolated island and fights in a battle royale style. Battle Royale is a game type where all players kill each other until there is one last man standing.

Players will start on a plane which randomly flies across the map from an unset location. Each player has to decide the best place and time to eject from the plane and parachute to the ground. Once they touch the soil, trying to find loots, weapons, ammo, and vehicles to help themselves throughout the game becomes the key to survival. Although loot items are not evenly available on the map, there are always ways to find the best routes and make your way to the top one.

Through abandoned houses, ghost town, extreme zones, and intense battlefields, you can find every kind of loot - even the best in the game. Furthermore, at random times, planes fly across the map and drop high-quality packages to help the players.

However, the packages will emit red smoke attracting many competitors, this makes having the loot from packages harder and players can choose either to go for the loot or pass, based on the situation.

This game is special because it allows you to play both first-person and third-person, which is a mechanic foreign to other games. Though offering attractive options, PUBG still highly depends on skill and decision-making.

The apk for this game is the best option for current online gaming, with over 220 million players worldwide. And more and more people play it everyday, so there is no way you can miss out on this game. PUBG mobile is the best free Android online game now.
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Clash of Clans (COC)

[Image: gVijzJN.png]

Clash of Clan is a game older than PUBG, but it has never gone out of date until today.

Clash of Clans was released on October 7, 2013, for Android. This game has a strategic style form where you have to build your own kingdom to compete with other people’s kingdoms.

It is heavily online-interactive. When playing this game, you need to gather resources like gold, elixir and dark elixir to build your own town. All the resources are used to upgrade troops, infrastructures, and protection. With dark elixir, you can build stronger troops with special abilities along with potions to buff your army.

Another resource is the gem, which is premium cash. This resource requires you to insert your real money but offers many benefits that can change your play style entirely.

Because this is an Android online game, you need to prepare your mind and body to attack or be attacked. You probably can upgrade your town in peace but it is most likely to be visited by other unwelcome guests. Like you, other players will try to attack other players to get more resources, making their town stronger. The more resources you have, the more likely you are to be attacked.
Although you will suffer from the visit of other gamers, you can make them leave with your bare hands or offer minimum resources by strategically defending. In COC, you have the ability to customize your town to make it more solid and undefeatable.

So you can keep in mind that regardless of how strong other people’s troops are, they cannot defeat a wisely customized town. With every victory you have, when successfully attacked or defended, you get trophies, which increases your rank to mark your name on the Hall of fame which awards the top players with a huge number of gems.

Another thing that makes Clash of Clan exciting is the Clans. Not only do you fight enemies, but you can also have your own allies by joining a clan. Clans offers lots of benefits like donations, ranking or even your clan rank. Joining a clan means forming a community, which is fun and sociable.
A clan can help you become stronger by any means and vice versa. If you donate other to players in your clan regularly and effectively, you may have a higher position in the clan and get even more benefits.

Regrettably, this game is not available for Android offline play, even if you download every in-game package you would still have to be online. This has many benefits as mentioned previously, but it is a bit reduced for how good this app is.

Clash of Clans has  been updated many times to offer players more mechanics and ways to play the game. Even the graphics are better throughout the versions. So you won’t worry that the game will ever go out of date because Clash of Clans is still viral and definitely one of the best Android online games.

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Honkai Impact 3rd

[Image: phE7dy3.png]

Honkai is a newbie in the genre of Android online games, but it’s receiving lots of attention from people worldwide. No doubt that this game is the most beautiful Android online game available.
Honkai Impact 3rd is the third part of the “Honrkai” franchise developed by Mihoyo, a company from China. The game is an RPG, released in 2015, and now has 4 main servers: SEA, China, Japan, and Global so you don’t need to worry about lag when playing online.

In this game, you can choose from tons of beautiful female characters called Valkyria. Every character has her own stats and abilities so it is not easy to master the game. Moreover, Honkai Impact offers a huge range of weapons designed for every character such as katanas, pistols, Greatswords, cannons, and gauntlets. Also, there are some skills called “stigma” which are viewed as a taboo, that buff your characters.

You can farm for loot or try testing your luck in the “gacha” to get the top tier weapons in the game.
The single player part of the game is challenging and fun to play, essential to strengthening your characters and learning what the game is about.

In the multiplayer mode, you join battles with 2 other players or compete with them to win the game. It has hundreds of stages so you can make a team of three people or the game will randomly choose for you.

In addition, this game has rankings called “Abyss” where players will participate in 33 stages in 6 levels and make progress through it or be pinched down by the difficulty.

It is fun to compete with other players to see who is better and the higher level you reach, the better rewards you get. Download this games apk, available at the android games stores and become a Valkyrie. Join the experience.

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This is the top 3 Android online games that you must play. If you want to interact with people, have intense competition and join a friendly community, then all you need is on this list. PUBG mobile, Clash of Clans and Honkai Impact are the best free online Android games you will have ever played.
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