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SMTP Error every time i try to send an email
RE: SMTP Error every time i try to send an email
It looks like it is better to delete the row from the domain table - as long as you have no need for Postfix to know about it on that server any more. So make sure you have no forwarders, distribution lists, aliases or mailboxes first, and then delete the row rather than changing the active flag to 0.

This is because you might choose to add the domain back into postfix at some future point, by way of adding a new mailbox or alias, for example. If you never deleted it from the database, it won't get added back, so it will be stuck there as an inactive entry and Postfix won't see it (of course, you could manually change the active flag back to 1).

Updating the code is a little complicated, but I have done it on my servers and it seems to be working fine. The complications are mainly to do with how the four mail facilties - mailboxes, aliases, distribution lists and forwarders - all interact with each other and which ones rely on the domain being registered with Postfix. For my setups, I've decided that only the mailboxes and aliases matter, so if no aliases or mailboxes need a domain anymore, it gets deleted. If there's a forwarder set up for a mailbox and the mailbox has gone, it won't work anyway (as the mailbox it relies on has been deleted already) so won't be affected by the loss of the domain, and if there's an alias set up, this is actually recorded as a kind of "hidden" alias anyway, so while that exists the domain won't be deleted.

That probably makes no sense to anyone as it seems really complex and probably over-explained! But the crux is that I think it will work and stop this awkward error when you move email from one Sentora server to another.

If anyone is interested in trying the changes I made, please let me know and I will post code and instructions.

Thanks given by: wormsunited

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RE: SMTP Error every time i try to send an email - by fearworks - 09-21-2018, 06:21 PM

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