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confused to make an decision please help
confused to make an decision please help

We are currently using Cpanel and Sentora for two servers, because of currency fluctuation 

our cpanel server charges has been increased too much and we don't know what to do now

we liked sentora very much on our one server but migrating the services to sentora I believe 

it was very painful. But continuing on the server is not much profitable as we have already many

hosting client on it some of them are own customer and some of them are taken hosting from us.

So this is the situation, in sentora some of the problem we have are added below, If any one can

help us by giving an detailed reply by points it will be helpful for us to take an decision 

Problems in sentora panel.

1. Web mail : In cpanel any hosted domain name owner can access their webmail using 
   but in sentora we don't know how we can acces the webmail or how we can direct our hosting customer to
   access their webmail. 
2. Security: Some of our hosting customer are using wordpress for hosting, but we believe word press is not 
   much safe CMS for hosting website so we afraid if any hacker hacked any website what or how we can block
   it or secure other website on the same server.
3. PHP version: So of the hosted websites required lates PHP or Mysql if we compare the Wordress their latest
   CMS required 7.2 or greater of PHP and MySQL version 5.6 OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater. So in this case
   how we can resolve it ?      

4. HTTPS : We get free ssl certificate offered by letsencrypt but how this option can be enabled to hosted customer
   with out contacting us.
5. SSH : most of them know that our server are secured but if our hosted customer have the option to access the         SSHit will be an major security issue. We don't know how sentora is hadiling this request. In cpanel an hosted 
   customer can only have acces to their SSH directory only.  

So any one have any suggestion as we saw sentora and Zpanel here which one is good is there any solution for our above questions.

looking forward for an best reply
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RE: confused to make an decision please help
I think currently Sentora is facing a major tecnology update that wikll helps to adapt everything to nwewst PHP versiones, and another functionalities. If you are looking for functionalities that will not be implemented for Sentora in a short period of time probably your best option is to migrate your cpanel clients to another cpanel account in another hosting provider. Maybe you can look for a provider in your country or in another country where your currency is more valuable.
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RE: confused to make an decision please help
Once the new stable Suhosin for php7 is released the team will start working on the Sentora update including this. Until then I would make other arrangements as this release would need to be stable in order for it to be compiled into Sentora. The Sentora team wants to make sure the update is not only stable but secure.

1. WebMail: You can still access webmail using... (Then again you can redirect them anywhere you want)
2. Security: If your customer uses WordPress or other CMS that's a risk you have to take. Secure your server accordingly.  Tell them to do the same!

3. PHP Version: See my note above.

4. HTTPS : Sentora doesn't offer Free SSL but can support SSL.
5. SSH : Not sure here but if they only have a website I wouldn't give SSH access. That would only be for Dedicated server rentals. (If you offer that feature)
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RE: confused to make an decision please help
The above post covers pretty much everything, but for webmail, check out Guides & How-to section.
More specifically:
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RE: confused to make an decision please help
Hi nscloud.

For your webmail access i advise you to make a php file to redirect the link to the In this case your clients are able to login into webmail using the so called "normal" access.

Here is a code sample:

PHP Code:

As for your cms clients using wordpress, they have to keep it pretty much updated (or you) with the latest updates and releases from the Wordpress. (note: this is the reason why i never use wordpress, you can make the same platform and functions without it and even more safe too).

As for the PHP version, it is not correct that you will need version 7.2 installed in your servers, although, you can have it. There are some posts here that works under php version 7 i have installed them myself and its up and working too. The minimum requirements of WP works just fine with version 5.

For https you can install those certificates as you wish, Sentora will allow you to do it, and of course you need a few knowledge in the language, but even so, you can find several posts regarding that in this forum that i am sure its going to help you a lot.

SSH for clients with shared hosting is simply nuts. If you rent servers, thats one thing, but if you are doing shared hosting and allow the client to access to your server with SSH let me stop you right there... A bad move may destroy your contents, i do not advise you to have it set like that at all.


Sentora is not cPanel and you cannot compare cPanel to Sentora, this is an alternative control panel, you can use and have many features on it, like cPanel, but i do not advise you to make such comparisons simply because they work in a different way/form.

You should use Sentora to host clients, yes, but you have to manage the accounts yourself. As of cost effective, indeed Sentora as far as i can see, beats all the competition for GPL or Free Web Hosting Administration Control Panels. I have tried them all. To be honest, Sentora is the best and simple to use and understand, if you know the core language and how to setup Sentora, you can develop your own codes on it and modules, there are also several examples on this forum too, or just take some module and edit with your desired functions.

Now, with this said, you may wonder "Oh but i am going to have a lot of work on this right?" Yes you will! Period. You need to lose time on your setup and adapt it for your clients in order to make it work. I know its a pain, i have been there, but once you get it, you are able to make Sentora very powerful for your clients and let me add you this, its 4x more faster then cPanel too.

I hope this can help you or guide you in your options, but yeah, you need to spend time and work to make it happen. My best regards bro.
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