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Main web site working fine, but others not.
RE: Main web site working fine, but others not.
(03-22-2018, 08:42 AM)TGates Wrote: Like Vesta? Improper installation and lack of knowledge does not make Sentora 'buggy & incomplete'.

I can tell right off you did not install lit properly just by the fact you access your panel using the non-www version of your main domain. (FYI: AND should show the same  site.) Sentora's installation instructions and the installer itself ask you to install it on a sub domain. (ie: This alone will cause many issues during installation.
The instructions also note that there can not be any hosting services already installed on the server (apache/php, mysql, bind, postfix, proftpd, etc.).

I suggest you back up your sites and database and start fresh (which is the only way to fix things now).

Install a fresh MINIMAL copy of Ubuntu 14.04 with no GUI. (As I know there is a bug with CentOS 7 with one of the services during installation.)

Set up a CNAME record in GoDaddy for you panel login like or and make sure it points to your server IP.

Continue with the installation following ALL questions properly.

Those failed login attempts you showed me in the PM have nothing to do with Sentora! They are hackers trying to get control of your VPS because you have that setup incorrectly. You should be using 'keys' to log into SSH and not the standard username/password combo.

Hmm actually you are right. And I really liked the project and it is the best from other alternatives which it is free I dont expect it to be perfect. I'm just tired. As you said I'm lack of knowledge and I should make more research before acting.

I thought installing sentora to non-www version is not wrong (according to installer), I just followed the instructions. It said it is going to install sentora to domain not a sub-domain. Asked me if its ok. I said yeah sure no problem mate. And installer did his job(partly, it didnt install proftpd). It didnt warn me like "if you dont install sentora to a subdomain our fate will bound and only death will seperate us(with a chilling voice)".

And you are right about it. It doesnt work fine with centos7.

And from your last paragraph, I realised my VDS providers also lack of knowledge. Because I didn't setup it.

As final, i will install sentora on ubuntu in my computer to test it as you suggested, and I will follow your instructions about GoDaddy.
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