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Absolute newbie question about mx records
RE: Absolute newbie question about mx records
(09-12-2017, 05:59 PM)angeljs Wrote: I really don't know 'why the hell' I asked here in the first place. Thanks for the tone of the reply to a newbie who asked a simple question and got a hostile, patronising rant in return. And not one piece of useful info on the MX records. If Windows is not tolerated, then 'why the hell' is there a forum dedicated to Windows support by the community? If you had no intention of answering my question, then you should not have replied just to get your opinions across.

The internet is a big and mean place you should learn to google and at least learn that if something is not recommended then DONT USE IT. That "tone" that was used is a persons who is tired of reading forums where the 'newbie' can't use GOOGLE. That free thing that is provided to us so that we can evolve. Annnyywhooo. I did not state windows is not "tolerated" I simply said that its not officially supported. The reason there is a topic for Windows, hmmm... lets use common sense for a second, ahhh the topic is there for users who have coding knowledge and they know there way around windows server so they don't have to go else where the community can grow the windows support.

angeljs Wrote:If you had no intention of answering my question, then you should not have replied just to get your opinions across.

I am a very blunt man I do not hide what I am thinking and from where I'm sitting I still have my Freedom of Speech so I can express my opinion where ever I want to.

betatester3.0 Wrote:Here's a smart idea
Step 1: scrap windows
Step 2: get Ubuntu or Centos 7 
Step 3: set a static ip as well as contact your isp so that they can set a static ip as well
Step 4: install sentora
Step 5: found and error in the installation?
Step 6: you can gladly create a topic or thread (keeping in my that you would have to know the forum rules), and the development team would actually reply to your posts since your not using WINDOWS.

THIS 'NEWBIE' CAN'T EVEN READ PROPERLY, if you had read my post correctly I offered help and assistance to you just not on the windows platform. How is this, since I think I honestly was a bit harsh I will help you setup Sentora Panel on CentOS/Ubuntu for you under one condition ?

Condition: you have to read the full docs
-BetaTester3.0  ||  Just Another Sentora User. 

Did you know, Sentora has a full Support Documentation ?
If I helped +rep & Thanks is appreciated.
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RE: Absolute newbie question about mx records - by betatester3.0 - 09-12-2017, 11:26 PM

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