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500 error at sentora main account
RE: 500 error at sentora main account
Hi guys thank you so much for helping out with this. Well Me.B I did not change files directory names, seams that my script is doing that.

Let me show you guys something. This is my _init.php file i believe that i can make something here to get this working like a full path replacing the ROOT by another code. i want you all to take a look.

PHP Code:
<?php defined('CMS_ACCESS') or die('No direct script access.');

if (
version_compare(PHP_VERSION"5.3.0""<")) {
    exit("System requires PHP 5.3.0 or greater.");

/** Include Engine */
include ROOT DS .'engine'DS .'MyCMS.php';

MyCMS::$environment MyCMS::PRODUCTION;

if (
MyCMS::$environment == MyCMS::PRODUCTION) {
} else {


TGates, yes i must agree. Also there i found another file that indeed comes with that:

PHP Code:
public static function parseVariables($frontend_buffer)
        return str_replace(array('@site_url',

When i go to my website as i get the 500 Error. On frontview it works but does not make the connection with some items from the system such as images locations (some), icons (fontawsome).

PHP Code:
$site_url  Option::get('siteurl');

// Edit settings
            // -------------------------------------
            if (Request::post('edit_settings')) {

                if (Security::check(Request::post('csrf'))) {

                    // Add trailing slashes
                    $_site_url Request::post('system_url');

                    Option::update(array('sitename'          => Request::post('site_name'),
                                       'keywords'            => Request::post('site_keywords'),
                                       'description'         => Request::post('site_description'),
                                       'slogan'              => Request::post('site_slogan'),
                                       'defaultpage'         => Request::post('site_default_page'),
                                       'siteurl'             => $_site_url,
                                       'timezone'            => Request::post('system_timezone'),
                                       'system_email'        => Request::post('system_email'),
                                       'language'            => Request::post('system_language'),
                                       'maintenance_message' => Request::post('site_maintenance_message')));

                    Notification::set('success'__('Your changes have been saved.''system'));

                } else { die('Request was denied because it contained an invalid security token. Please refresh the page and try again.'); }

            // Its mean that you can add your own actions for this plugin

            // Display view

        } else {


Can anyone help me? I am kinda blank on ideas here, Thanks in advance.
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