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The most important question for Sentora
RE: The most important question for Sentora
(08-24-2016, 10:34 PM)kini Wrote: I invest very much on my new company and i think to use Sentora, but have some worries..

Is the Sentora ready for Live ??  Huh

1. What is the last important hot fixes for Sentora ?
2. What php functions need to be disabled in (disabled_functions in php.ini) ?
3. Can client's or non-client's hack the server with Sentora ?

And many of this questions/answers in this thread...  Rolleyes


Well put it this way 'current Sentora' is ready for Live, but it largely depends on your requirements.. for example do you want the latest PHP? MySQL? etc? Then maybe not so, because Sentora hasn't received an update in a year or so, but that doesn't mean it is not stable, it is - for a matter of fact, I have 112 Clients that use Sentora, I only ever had few issues which don't affect the 'websites' rather just the 'Control Panel'. 

TL;DR - It is ready, but it isn't trendy but mature in what it does.

1) Frankly, 1.0.3 update delivered everything didn't really have to fix anything after that, other than customizing.
2) You don't need to mess with it, all you need is a fresh server and install Sentora and then install whatever extension you need that isn't already offered by Sentora. IT CAN ONLY BE PHP 5.X and not PHP 7.
3) Anything can be hacked, (but everyone has their own definition of hacking) if for instance you used cPanel and your clients had stupid passwords and it isn't going to take long for a hacker with rainbow tables to guess your clients password. If you have enough $ or enough knowledge you can ensure that this isn't an issue.

For number 3 you said yourself: "invest very much on my new company" - well then investing into security isn't a bad move. 

But don't take my word for it, check Sentora on a simple server or I'm happy to offer you my services until you are satisfied with Sentora and I'm happy for you to play around on it. By default Sentora out-of-the-box is okay but the security threat comes not from Sentora but the OS and the application stack (Configurations and Settings). My advice is get a Server Admin (if possible from this forum - so he has knowledge of Sentora and its workings) and go from there.

I promise you, once you start using Sentora you won't want to go back!

Good luck with your company.
Thanks given by: TGates

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