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How To Block NTP-based DDoS attacks
RE: How To Block NTP-based DDoS attacks
I will give you two options:

1. You need to put a good firewall in place that has the intelligence to stop DDOS attacks. Watchguards are very good at this but you have to know how to program them to stop DDOS and it is very difficult for a novice. I personally use Watchguards and just stopped a DDOS attack two days ago and it was a huge one. It brought my firewalls down 6 times until I got the config right. I also found they were using the ZPanel Postfix server as a relay as well and had to close that off. Once I did, they gave up. The ISP didn't help me and won't help you as they don't have the time to solve a complex DDOS unless you are a huge customer. You are not going to be able to stop DDOS without a good piece of equipment in place that has the ability to stop them. I have heard Untangle which is a free firewall also has this ability but I have not been able to try it yet. I am sure it is not as good as a Watchguard though.

2. I am a security consultant and you can hire me to help you. This is just an option I put out there if you need help. I will be more than happy to answer questions on the forum at no charge but if you don't have time or need some paid help, I am available.

Please note that even if you get a firewall that can stop a DDOS, it takes a high level knowledge of firewall programming to stop them. I had to put a very complex custom config on my Watchguard to stop the attack and then put in a custom PostFix config that worked with the firewall. Once I did, they stopped.

Also keep in mind that it takes a high level of forensic knowledge on Linux if you are running ZPanel or Sentora as you need to backtrace what is happening to know how to stop it. The bottom line is that DDOS attacks are very hard to stop.

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