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Marketing Sentora
RE: Marketing Sentora
(02-16-2016, 06:49 AM)Me.B Wrote:
(02-16-2016, 06:32 AM)apinto Wrote: @[Me.B] and @[TGates], Sentora is lacking the projection that other open source panels have.
The issue with Sentora is beyond graphical aesthetics, it's rooted on the brand/project values.

Sentora needs a clear brand focus both on marketing and project management.

I can help both on rebranding Sentora (either a full rebrand or just refresh, that will need to be brain stormed) and on conducting a marketing campaign aiming at expanding Sentora community and reputation.

However all that will be in vain if the Sentora team does not create a clear roadmap and show itself as a coherent team rather than a group of devs with unclear goals for the same project.
Being an open-source project it is still a project that needs management.

I'm VERY sad to say this (I love Sentora and I use it in production servers) but the project is going on a path that will lead to it's extinction sooner than many of you might think.
Telling people - who ask the Sentora team on how they might help - to check GitHub issues and fix them or just to commit changes they find useful IT'S NOT a good way to manage a Open Source project, that attitude shows lack of a road-map and honestly nobody likes to work on a feature just to either find it refused because it won't fit Sentora goals or to find another user committing the same thing first.

If people want to help the project HELP THEM help Sentora, don't just tell them "do whatever you find useful and report bugs".

This is just my opinion, I do not mean to offend anyone, I still love Sentora but I'm seeing the project a bit adrift...

Saying there is no roadmap is not true. There is no public roadmap, OK. Sentora team have a private section where we discuss over directions. I have set my targets but agree we should try to be more open. I'm always advocating being open over that.

So you comment is not only about branding here it's more about gouvernance and PR.

I just pointed before your comment that we need to review how github is managed and think more about how is managed:

I like how they are managing it.

It's obvious we need more dev's in that are commited. 


I'm happy to see that we think alike Smile

True, my comment was not only about branding, however I wanted to say why I think branding is not enough BUT it is a important step.
In my experience good branding, marketing and design brings (usually) more motivation for everyone, both the devs and the users.
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