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DNS MX record issue
RE: DNS MX record issue
(10-15-2022, 09:52 AM)fearworks Wrote: Ok, I think I see the issue. For any record where the target is a domain name (for example the two I can see in your screenshot would be the CNAME and the MX) you have specified a domain name, but using syntax that is being interpreted as a subdomain. I would have expected this to be explained somewhere in the interface, or a warning show somewhere, but anyway, the explanation is this. Put a period (we call it a full stop here in the UK) at the end of the domain names in your target column, so instead of:


for the CNAME and the MX record, put this:


and do the same for any other targets that are domain names and not IP addresses. The period (full stop) should tell their DNS system to treat the domains as a full domain and not a subdomain of the current domain. The documentation here:

suggests that this is only required for domains outside of the current domain (so is needed for the CNAME domain anyway) but it appears to be required even for the MX record, and event though it is within the same domain... not sure why but try it and then post to say you have changed it, and we'll see if the MX domain shows correctly.

Edit: I guess with the MX record, because the target is within the same domain, you should actually be able to just add:


as the target without the rest fo the domain, and it should serve it up as the correct record. Try it, take another screenshot of the same page to show what you changed, and we'll see how it goes.


So far, so good -- it has been receiving and sending since your last post, thanks to YOU and the period/full stop!

As I said, I am using the 2.0 installation on a new server and all seems to be well. Are you hearing anything about issues, and any word on the Upgrade?
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