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Migrating from Zpanel to Sentora
Migrating from Zpanel to Sentora
Well, its not really a tutorial but more a way of migrating from zpanel to sentora that I wanted to share with you.

One of our servers was powered by zpanel 10.1.1. Now that sentora is offial we wanted to migrate that server to sentora offcourse. Since there is not yet any update script I decided it to it manually.
Let me first point out that its just one way of probably many ways to migrate, but it is the way i did it. I´m sure there are steps that can be done more easy then I did, if so please reply so other benefits!

Startingpoint was our Centos 6.5 server with Zpanel 10.1.1 hosting 98 clients. This all had to migrate to a new server with Centos 7 (clean install) and Sentora 1.0.0. (Official).
Below are the steps I made. They are crude steps, but maybe they will help you migrate for yourself. Any suggestions are welcome!

The tools I used where all available within the 2 server – zpanel panel –sentora panel – putty (for ssh) and phpmyadmin.
Please note that the steps below with comments where working for my migration. I can’t guarantee it will work the same way with other configurations!!!! Its not a detailed step by step tutorial, so please only do this when you are familiar with your servers setups and can find youre way around it.

First step I did offcourse is a clean install of Centos 7 with Sentora 1.0.0.

  • Change in php.ini you max_upload to 20M so phpmyadmin import can handle bigger files.
    When exporting SQL tables,  phpmyadmin ad a ALTER TABLE at the end. Delete this in al exports that will come below

Then I export in phpmyadmin on the ZPANEL in zpanel_core the whole tables of x_packages and x_quota.  These two tables can be imported in the new SENTORA sentora_core without modifications

Next step was exporting the zpanel_core tables x_account – x_profiles – x_vhosts and x_bandwith.
  • Make sure you change in the export file in the table x_account in the colum THEME all to    Sentora_default.
  • Delete in tables x_accounts and x_profiles ID 1 (Zadmin account)
  • Make sure you alter in table x_profiles the colum language all to “en”

Then I imported the above in the new sentora_core database
If needed and used you can also export and import x_dns

Then I started with FTP. Export in zpanel_core the x_ftpaccounts table. I imported this table into sentora wihout modifications.
Then exported all tables from ZPANEL zpanel_proftpd except for the tables ftpgroup. Alter in the export file all zpanel names to sentora and import into sentora_proftpd. Don’t try to login now with filezilla or something because it will only work when al hostdata is migrated.

Next I started with de postfix tables. Export only the zpanel_postfix - mailbox – domain and alias tables. Import these in sentora_postfix. The zpanel_roundcube doesn’t need migration.
Then copy the /var/zpanel/vmail contents to your new server /var/sentora/vmail
Also copy the sieve directory and overwrite all when asked

chown -Rf vmail:mail /var/sentora/vmail !!!

If you had configured a relay like me don’t forget this to again on the sentora server
copy your old /var/zpanel/hostdata to the new /var/sentora/hostdata
Login into sentora panel and tick in your panel - Admin - Module admin - Apache config - Force update! Then save changes.

In putty : trigger deamon - sudo /usr/bin/php -q /etc/sentora/panel/bin/daemon.php

Export tables from zpanel_core - x_mysql_databases - x_mysql_dbmap and x_mysql_users and import into sentora_core.

And last export all your clients databases and import into the new server.

The above worked for our server fine. I can’t guaranty it will work with yours. If you encounter problems and solved or find better ways please share with us all!
[Image: logo2.png]

My being on this forum is all personal and all is done here by me has nothing to with the company Web Improved I work for Smile
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