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Public_html Inside Domain/Subdomain
Public_html Inside Domain/Subdomain

After some time, I finally figured out how to edit the following modules where it will create domain_ext/public_html (i.e. zhostingsolutions_com/public_html).

Therefore, now, any script that says that files/directories need to be placed outside of the public view can be placed outside (i.e. zhostingsolutions_com/secure_non_public_file.php/public_html).

Also, the following still happens when domains/subdomains are created:


This is what I've been talking about needed to be in the core since zPanel when I came across y'all back in 2005.

Likewise, with subdomains. Here are the files for you to download and replace your domain and subdomain directories:

Attached Files
.zpp   domains.zpp (Size: 16.38 KB / Downloads: 3)
.zpp   sub_domains.zpp (Size: 12.58 KB / Downloads: 3)
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RE: Public_html Inside Domain/Subdomain
Now, that I got this established, what I code can I use for domains and subdomains, so, I can create a trashcan inside of the domain/subdomain whenever one is created? Thanks.


This way, when, files are deleted, they will show up in the trashcan to the corresponding domain and not removed from the server forever until I empty the trashcan or restore the file(s) and director(ies) back to the corresponding domain/subdomain. Also, my future customers can without worry, too.

Also, the trashcan should be a part of the core domains and subdomains module.
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RE: Public_html Inside Domain/Subdomain
Whichever file you edited to get your folder outside of the domain folder, add a trash folder to the list of folders that get created.
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