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Last try before I delete Sentora and go back to Imscp
RE: Last try before I delete Sentora and go back to Imscp
(03-09-2015, 08:21 AM)TGates Wrote:
(03-09-2015, 05:46 AM)MarkDark Wrote: I agree with you, most people who develop Sentora or ZPanel not work with hosting unfortunately.
They lack such basic concepts as cross-platform cross-browser and (multi-lingual)compatibility and convenience for the customer.
This would be false as pretty much the entire staff uses Sentora/ZP for hosting company's or development purposes, I myself for well over 5 years.
I have also contributed several useful and very successful modules. (Totaling nearly 85,000 downloads combined)

On another note, there are thousands of others who have successfully managed to install the panel the first try and have never needed to use the forums as it works for them as needed.

As for a file manager, we  have never been satisfied with what is out there to include one with the core. (Outdated, lack of features, non-supported, etc.)

Our job is to produce a working CORE control panel.

Thank you for trying it anyways, enjoy Imscp.

Thanks for your post and to everyone else who has responded. I just want to make my original post clearer, because i had no intention of being rude to people. I do appreciate everything that Sentora is, it installed like a dream, the forum seemed nice and friendly and before making my final decision about keeping it or not, I checked around the forums and found that there were several modules on it including the two most essential, a billing system and several filemanagers to chose from.
So I dumped imscp for sentora.
I recently finished a small project for someone who recommended me to a lot of people, and she emailed me several times saying that my main site had no sign up details.
She hadn't known that I had so recently installed sentora, and I really wasn't ready to promote. But there I was, stuck.
When I said last try before going back to imscp, it was because it was the choice I was facing, provide a finished product same day, or install something that worked. How could anyone perceive that as a threat, when I have nothing to threaten with.
My other comment about developers not being users, I should clarify that as well:
I've been providing hosting services since 2007, some free hosting set ups, others paid.
Due to ill health, I gave it up for a year, but am now ready to start again and I'm faced with leasing cpanel or using open source. Money dictates my options.
I installed Sentora for many reasons including the fact that it has had a long history, but again I find that those who develop fail to understand the needs of clients.
A plumber for instance, simply wants a web site, he doesn't want to log in here, log in there, be told to download an ftp then enter these details and those details. He wants everything in one place.
A decent web hosting control panel is supposed to bridge the gap between technical and easy.
That has been clearly understood by those who created cpanel.
My point really was clever people like you guys here often don't understand what non technical people want. Sentora is so close to being the ideal open source panel, and I do appreciate everyone here, I was in a hurry and facing a decision I didn't want to have to make. I wanted to stick with Sentora but I didn't want to lose customers.
I would have gladly donated to the project once my service was up and running, and may even do that anyway, but I had no choice in the end but go with a set up that was functioning.

All I can say is sorry that we hit it off on a bad note, that was not my intention, and I hope you guys keep up the good work. You've got a project to be proud of, and I just wanted to focus your attention on those areas which would escalate Sentora to a status of Rolls Royce.
Thanks given by: TGates
RE: Last try before I delete Sentora and go back to Imscp
I disagree with the OP and MarkDark's comment about the developers of Sentora.

One thing to note, we all have lives and the fact that we choose some of our free time to work on something that we are passionate about shouldn't be seen otherwise.

I'm well acquainted with most guys on the development team and I can authoritatively tell you they know their eggs and bacon.

I developed xBilling (and a list of other modules not fully ported to Sentora yet) and as I already mentioned on this post, I simply cannot possibly go into every installation to figure out what was done wrong.

Lastly, I have seen a lot of posts/questions arising from lack of reading of docs/ can imagine how tiring it is replying to the same thing over and over.

Edited: FYI, I have 2 production servers running Sentora (with about 10 - 13 clients each).
Remi - Software Engineer,  Sentora Module Developer,  Owner, imerLabs

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