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ProFTPD Unit not found
[Not Solved] RE: ProFTPD Unit not found
agree that's odd how we did it. BUT that need still to be done that way for centos 6. Since centos 7 we are able to add epel release in easier way using the yum install epel-release

Agree we should fix the installer checking it.

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[Not Solved] RE: ProFTPD Unit not found
Hi there,

Sorry, I hadn't paid attention to the CentOS 6 code so didn't realise if you modify the installer where I said it then breaks the CentOS 6 installation. The CentOS 6 code is working as it originally was because the Fedora Project have put a copy of the EPEL file inside the architect (x86_64) folder rather than having to delve into the "Packages" or the "e" folder - but only for CentOS 6. CentOS 7 still appears to need the fix, so I think this code is more correct for both CentOS 6 & 7 versions as opposed to what I suggested in my earlier post:

#EPEL Repo Install
if  [[ "$VER" = "7" ]]; then
   EPEL_FILE=$(wget -q -O- "$EPEL_BASE_URL/Packages/e/" | grep -oP '(?<=href=")epel-release.*(?=">)')
   wget "$EPEL_BASE_URL/Packages/e/$EPEL_FILE"
   EPEL_FILE=$(wget -q -O- "$EPEL_BASE_URL/" | grep -oP '(?<=href=")epel-release.*(?=">)')
$PACKAGE_INSTALLER -y install epel-release*.rpm

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[Not Solved] RE: ProFTPD Unit not found
I'm not going to keep chasing this but it looks like you have changed the installation script back to what it was originally was.

If you read my post above I am not suggesting to do that, as the EPEL installation on CentOS 7 is still broken in this case. I have simply moved the "Packages" addition to within the CentOS 7 routine, so it does not affect the CentOS 6 routine, for the reasons outlined in my post above.

Hopefully it is clear enough for those reading here to see what needs modifying to make it work (as of July 2018) and hopefully provide a reason why people have had issues with ProFTPD etc.

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[Not Solved] RE: ProFTPD Unit not found
Great! I will try and find some time to make the changes on Github unless Me.B does it first (He knows the proper branch to update.)
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