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Fedora 25 and php 7.0
[Solved] Fedora 25 and php 7.0
Hello all!

I'm back. It was the time for me to do a refresh on my personal server and try out Fedora 25 (I was on Fedora 24). All worked fine then with php 5.6, but Fedora 25 is based on php 7.0. Hoho!! Sentora don't support php 7.x because a suhosin issue.

Oki fine, but I want to give the choice to everyone "with disclamer" to use suhosin7 (for php 7.x) on Sentora. That what I fixed on mine at the moment.

Second problem with php 7.0, it's the apps version. Atm Sentora works with :

Roundcube 1.0.4
phpmyadmin 4.1.x
phpsysinfo 3.2.4

and all have issue with php 7.x

So I'm working on a sentora installer who give you the choice to but suhosin official release and the last version (for php 5.x) or the suhosin 7 (for php 7.x) in alpha release with disclamer.

The second choice this installer will give it to you, it's to keep the Sentora originals apps OR but the lastest github master branch of each software. 

At the moment you've got

Roundcube 1.2.5
phpmyadmin 4.7
phpsysinfo 3.2.8

all work fine with php 7.0.

I will ajust my installer from the current master branch with debian support, not the original web page downloader exemple, where is the original 1.0.3 installer without Debian. And I will send you the github link for install. 

I hope this will gives some happyness  to the one reclaime a php 7 support since a while.

The link suppose to be accessible soon under my github.

Thanks given by: TGates
[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0
Developement update!

Good News - Bad News

The installation script is almost done for the base test with Fedora 25.

The script works well overall, but I have differents bugs depending the base installation script

If I use the master branch, no bug at the installation, but once the installation done, I can't create mailbox. I've an error like "Wrong domain or domain doesn't exist". The good news about that! I have the bug even without the software upgrade. So this his mean the problem is the master branch it self, not the update script.

If I use the base installer script 1.0.3, I can create mailbox when all is done. But I've an

ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 98: Can't create table `sentora_postfix`.`vacation_notification` (errno: 150 "Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed")

error while the Postfix installation. That's mean the table 'vacation_notification' wasn't create. In the pass I only had to create the table manualy. Bug that error cause a problem to the Roundcube update.

Executing database schema update.
Updating database schema (2013011000)... [FAILED]

Next step, I need to check if I can update Roundcube if I fix `vacation_notification` manualy before the roundcube update. So if it's works. This will mean no major problem for the updated installation. So Good news!

After that I need to find out why I can't create mailbox with the master branch after the installation. If you have any clue, please just to send a reply in that post.

I'll post my futur developement want I've got something new again.  Cool


Hi again!

Short update!
After created the `vacation_notification` manualy with the SQL query

CREATE TABLE vacation_notification (
on_vacation varchar(255) NOT NULL,
notified varchar(255) CHARACTER SET latin1 NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (on_vacation,notified),
CONSTRAINT vacation_notification_pkey FOREIGN KEY (on_vacation) REFERENCES vacation (email) ON DELETE CASCADE
) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COMMENT='Postfix Admin - Virtual Vacation Notifications';


The roundCube update is a success

2017-05-21 12:15:23 URL: [4952192] -> "" [1]
Installer verified
All settings correct for using Composer

Composer (version 1.4.2) successfully installed to: /etc/sentora/panel/etc/apps/webmail/composer.phar
Use it: php composer.phar

What version are you upgrading from? Type '?' if you don't know.
Executing database schema update.
Updating database schema (2013042700)... [OK]
Updating database schema (2013052500)... [OK]
Updating database schema (2013061000)... [OK]
Updating database schema (2014042900)... [OK]
Updating database schema (2015030800)... [OK]
Updating database schema (2015111100)... [OK]
This instance of Roundcube is up-to-date.

And I can create maibox.

So All I have to find, it's why I can't create mailbox after master branch installation. I saw some post with problem to create sub domain aswell. It's probably the same base bug. So probably both will be solve in the same time.

Thanks given by: TGates
[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0
Bugs source found.

The problem is not about the "master" branch installation, but it's from the sentora-core 1.0.1. If I use the core 1.0.0. with the master branch installation, I don't have the postfix creation table error (so this error is about the version 1.0.3 installater). So this is mean I can do Roundcube update while my installation process.

Also, I can create mail after the installation is finish. When I'm trying it with the Core 1.0.1 and the master branch, the bug remain. So this is mean the mail and subdomain creation bug is about the Core 1.0.1.

So the best installation process I tested til now, is the "master" installation with the Core 1.0.0

I notice some bugs with the core 1.0.0 where I don't have with the 1.0.1. Exemple, Sentora news doesn't connect with the Core 1.0.0 installation.

My other question is, Do I need to keep the ProFTPd bug fixe with the Core 1.0.0 installation?

I will try to compare both Core Code to find out what can cause the domain creation bug. Maybe someone on the developper team can help with that.

My next step is make my installation compatible with CentOS 7, Ubuntu and Debian.

Thanks given by:
[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0
oki so if I use the core 1.0.3-bugfixes all working. So I guess is a problem from the core 1.0.1

I don't understand why they keep it on the master branch.

So I will continue my developpement with the core 1.0.3-bugfixes
Thanks given by:
[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0

Thanks for the good work and sourcing out the issues there! I've tagged Me.B and hopefully he can find some time to sort it out.
-TGates - Head of Support

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[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0
Ok we will check as 1.0.3 was a patch and not a full release.
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[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0
Developpement update

Fedora 25 - base php 7.0 - Done! works well.
Fedora 24 - base php 5.6 - Done! works well.
CentOS 7 - Base php 5.4 - Done! works well, but limited by the php version. RoundCube 1.2.5 and phpMyAdmin required php 5.5+
CentOs 6 - Base php ??? - Will not be done. too old.
Ubuntu 14.04 - Base php 5.5 - Currently in developpement... work on phpMyAdmin 4.7 & RoundCube 1.2.x update. 80% done!
Ubuntu 16.04 - Base php 7.0 - Futur developpement
Ubuntu 12.04 - Base php ??? - Will not be done. too old.
Debian 8 - Base php ??? - Next done!
Debian 7 - Base php ??? - Will not be done. too old.

You can reply to the post for any comments/questions.

Thank you!
Thanks given by:
[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0
oki so...

Ubuntu 14.04 - Base php 5.5 - Done! works well.
Debian 8 - Base php ??? - work starting...
Ubuntu 16.04 - Base php 7.0 - Futur developpement
Thanks given by:
[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0
Debian 8 - Base php 5.6 - Done! works well.
Ubuntu 16.04 - Base php 7.0 - Next!! That one may takes time. A lot of bugs and stuff to fixe before to release it.

But til then, you want to try it with :


But enjoy!

I'll get back soon as Ubuntu 16.04 is finish.

Thanks given by: TGates
[Solved] RE: Fedora 25 and php 7.0
Update News!

The main bug is solved about Ubuntu 16.04. Job done at 80%

Probably my first alpha release will be avalaible this Sunday.

I close this post. The next Thread will be about the new release.
Thanks given by:

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