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Cron Issues? Help Please
[Not Solved] Cron Issues? Help Please
Hey all

So im having a bit of a strange issue which I cant seem to solve myself, and Im hoping someone can help me with it

I was wanting to setup a simple cron script to run every 10 min's on one of my websites
I made the script and tested it, and it worked fine, I then went to add the cron in the control panel and that added with no problems.

However, the script didnt want to run, and I couldn't figure out why.
I gave up at that point and decided to attack it another day, which was today

I made a simple php script to write "test" to a text file, and loaded that into cron.
Still nothing

So I did a grop for CRON on the syslog and found that the php i was using a few days ago was running every 10 mins.
and the one I just added isnt showing up anywhere

I checked the /var/spool/cron/crontabs/www-data and found the second test php was in there, and nothing aobut the first one, which is the one thats running.

Im not sure where to go from here, Anyone got any ideas?
Im sure its something stupid I have missed

Quick update

I deleted the test cron from the web interface, and checked the spool/cron www-data and can confirm that its gone from there

however the test cron is still showing in syslog every min, and im not sure where its being called from
And the test cron doesnt seems to be running properly either as the text file it writes to is empty
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[Not Solved] RE: Cron Issues? Help Please
You need to check the permissions for the files and folders:
Also, I think the cron service was not restarted properly. Try doing it manually.
Cron jobs are loaded only once during startup and are not 'read' each time the cron runs, therefore a restart of the service will reload the new/changed cron jobs.
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