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unable to connect to vps ip using ftp
[Solved] unable to connect to vps ip using ftp
My FTP on Sentora worked just fine but I tried the same methods on the same for my friends VPS and this is the result i get.

I just tried to fresh install Sentora twice; and both times it says the "DNS" wasn't programmed properly; for the VPS IP. I installed the subdirectory for the IP on the name registerar with my friends VPS IP which i'm working on.
I also added zpanel as the subdirectory for cloudflare which is what I use, and the nameservers are programmed for the cloudflare and the main domain points to the VPS IP just fine. I did a CNAME for Zpanel to point to the main domain which is what i did for mine..

Everytime I try to connect via FTP I get connection refused, no matter what I do. I can connect to the zpanel just fine; just can't connect to the FTP
I tried reinstalling the OS twice; and the same thing happens. Unsure whats going on.

When I applied the private nameservers as I said; because my main nameservers is cloudflare; The Propagation was quick and didn't have to wait. The domain registerar is different though; could that have a issue private nameservers?

apperently now it wants to work... I deleted the NS1, zpanel subdirectory for the domain, and re-entered the IP and it took about 5-10 minutes to reconfigure after I installed the OS 4 times for it to work.
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[Solved] RE: unable to connect to vps ip using ftp
Did you try to connect using server ip as FTP server ?

What port did you use?

Did you create an ftp account on the target server?

Also don't get why you are talking a lot over zpanel here?

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[Solved] RE: unable to connect to vps ip using ftp
Sorry Zpanel became Sentora and I keep mentioning that here sorry. I use that as my domain for Sentora Control Panel; so I apologize..

I used the server IP because I can't connect to the FTP via and when I connect to mine without the server IP I can't connect to the FTP at all.

I can connect to mine just fine; using the server IP i just couldn't connect to hers.
and is there any configuration to speed up a Upload Speed of the FTP? The max cap on (alot of small files) is 250kb, but it doesn't affect Large sized files.
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[Solved] RE: unable to connect to vps ip using ftp
Your DNS is all messed up from the sounds of it... Since you are using cloudflare, Me.B can help you there Wink

About the upload speed, there are no restrictions unless your host is controlling that?
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[Solved] RE: unable to connect to vps ip using ftp
Since the VPS is unmanaged, and I have full control of the OS; there is no restriction for the speed; well there shouldn't be. Unless the "DNS" Is conflicting with it. Otherwise it'd have to be with ProFTPD that is causing the issue; I'll ask my host if they limit the Upload "speed" of all the FTP accounts, but I doubt they do since I still have full control of the VPS Server since its unmanaged as I said.
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[Solved] RE: unable to connect to vps ip using ftp
So, the data is basically unencrypted at the end-point and then sent to the FTP server?
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