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Premium DNS - Name Cheap
[Not Solved] Premium DNS - Name Cheap
Hello everyone!

I need some help if anyone has some suggestions. I bought Name Cheap's Premium DNS, that allows instead of custom DNS that points to Sentora, to route it through them for mitigation of DDOS, etc.

When setting it up, they suggest using this link:

as well, this link:

Going through, the A records are fine, they are all added, but once I get to CNAME, they said they are invalid, as the Value shouldn't be @.

The same for adding NS records, the host shouldn't be @ and value

I'm scratching my head over this, so any help would be appreciated!
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[Not Solved] RE: Premium DNS - Name Cheap
isn't a cname set to the ip address?
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[Not Solved] RE: Premium DNS - Name Cheap
(11-11-2016, 12:16 AM)Ron-e Wrote: isn't a cname set to the ip address?

Tried that, didn't like it. I took some screenshots of what the DNS records look like in Sentora.

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[Not Solved] RE: Premium DNS - Name Cheap
Hi there

Why not use namecheaps nameservers? Thats what you pay for??

I am with another registra but this is what I did

Name Servers
Name Server 1,2a00:fd80:aaaa:ffff::eeee:c1
Name Server 2,2a00:fd80:aaaa:ffff::eeee:c

You would have something similar (default nameservers) change them back and never touch them again as there is a delay when you go playing with them

A Record
CNAME Record *
MX Record * 1

Thats it I dont have an ip6 addy so I never added that record set yours up the same and it will most likely go like a charm without the expense of "premium dns service". Email subdomains and web are all rerouted. I cant think of anything else

You need the www and the domain in my case set as A records the mail record set as * aswell as the cname set as *. The registrar will push it all to your webserver and sentora will sort it all out. Leave the default sentora settings in. There may be different ways to do this but its the simplest and it works So revert your nameservers back and make those 4 records (and no others) and your done.
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