Upgrading ZPanel 10.1.* to Sentora - Alpha/Beta
RE: Upgrading ZPanel 10.1.* to Sentora - Alpha/Beta
(01-08-2016, 09:04 PM)Me.B Wrote: I think the script will be removed from the main branch and we are working on another solution.

A real upgrade script that will do only what is required to upgrade and cause less issues for current users.

So let's say work under progress.


Good day,

What is the status on the upgrade script from zpanel to sentora?

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RE: Upgrading ZPanel 10.1.* to Sentora - Alpha/Beta
still beta
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RE: Upgrading ZPanel 10.1.* to Sentora - Alpha/Beta
I would really love to see php and mysql brought up to a more current version. Several scripts including InvisionPower Board (IPB), CS-Cart, WordPress, Joomla and others are getting close to dropping support for the older versions used in Sentora. More robust SSL certificate handling would be wonderful. Integrated firewall and brute force protection would really help too.

I love Sentora. I've been a user and supporter since the earlier zPanel days. The support and dev team has been nothing short of awesome, and the user community is fantastic. I just fear that the project is starting to fall behind and Sentora is starting to really show its age... and is in need of a big update soon. Maybe it's time to consider trying a crowd funding campaign or something. You can count on me for support. Smile
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RE: Upgrading ZPanel 10.1.* to Sentora - Alpha/Beta
I know this idee has already been discussed, but why not use a own repo for php and mysql etc.
Support only versions from own repo and only Ubuntu and Centos (i have seen that also debian is gone be supported?).
Also read somewhere that modules are gone be updated separated from a repo which means just update a module instead of the whole Sentora system.
Is this not easier for being maintained and more up to date with a small team?

P.S. count me in for crowd funding. Smile

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