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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
duplicated entry :$
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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
There is an important question.
1. I Create a user in WHMCS. (OK!)
2. I Activate Account. (OK!)
3. The user is automatically created in ZPanel. (OK!)
4. Created user belongs to the group Users. (OK!)
5. I in WHMCS change user packet. (OK!)
6. ZPanel user package also changes. (OK!)

BUT! The user when changing the package are automatically assigned to the right reseller (Not OK!)

This is a bug?

How to resolve this issue so that the user does not become a reseller automatically?
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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
My guess would be to look at that section of code where it updates the DB and fix the SQL query Wink
Shouldn't take more than 5-10 mins.

I don't use WHMCS so no way for me to check it out.
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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
Hello everybody!
I want to say thank you Rynoxx
for his excellent module for WHMCS

I want to present an optimized version of the module specifically for AWServer with ZPanelX

This module has been tested with WHMCS v5.3.14 - 6.0.2
The module is fully operational.

Here is a number of screenshots.

Attention! Module conflicts with Mail-Quota-Count
If you want to install this module, remove the module Mail-Quota-Count.
If you installed module mail-quota-count, you see message
"Account couldn't be created, the API Request failed."

.zpp   whmcs.zpp (Size: 210.96 KB / Downloads: 28)

See screen.

Thanks given by: Rynoxx
[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
Continued ....

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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
Another important observation.
If you are using PHP 5.5 or PHP 5.6 disable the module
XCache otherwise will get a white screen.
Open the php.ini file and comment out the line
; extension = php_xcache.dll
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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
i use php 5.5.16 but there isn't any line extension = php_xcache.dll in file php.ini.
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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
You use AWServer with ZPanelX ?
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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
I try this :
when I try to create hosting from whmcs side its give confirm and when I check the sentora panel only client create but domains looking not create I see so

?module=manage_clients here the client is ok looking but
?module=domains here I cant see ordered from whmcs hosting

how can I fix this problem
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[Not Solved] RE: [MODULE] WHMCS
(10-01-2015, 04:06 AM)MarkDark Wrote: You use AWServer with ZPanelX ?

i install centos 6.7 os on localhost and i use sentora 1.0, i try repair error with your guide but it still error API
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