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Jewelry Making Tools For Beginners
[Not Solved] Jewelry Making Tools For Beginners
Jewelry Making Tools For Beginners

Jewelry making is one of many craft makers’ most popular hobbies and part-time activities. Whether you make jewelry for commercial purposes or for fun, you should definitely check out CraftsSelection Best Sewing and Craft Tools [Image: 5gsJfRS.gif]to pick out the most suitable and efficient jewelry-making tools for yourself. Experts recommend choosing a jewelry-making tool kit instead of buying tools separately. This will save you money and time in the long run. The following are some of the essential jewelry-making tools beginners must consider.

The Flat Nose Pliers

[Image: MrFfjfY.jpg]

You need the flat nose pliers to open those jump rings and complete the wire-wrapped ends. This tool will also complete a wide range of other tasks. It would be best to consider getting a pair, so you don’t leave a crimp inside the metal as you grasp the item. Also, Look for pliers with a smooth surface within the jaws. 

The Round Nose Pliers

These pliers are essential for making wire loops, bends, hoops, clasp, and jump rings. You can use these pliers efficiently when making nice curves in your jewelry making. 

The Wire Cutters

Wire cutters can wear quickly, especially if you choose substandard ones; therefore, you should go for top-quality cutters. They are essential tools for cutting those dense and thicker wires used in making jewelry. 

Nylon Tipped Pliers

Using a pair of nylon pliers can help you bend wires efficiently. All you need to do is to grab one end of the wire, then grip the other end with your pliers before pulling it through to smoothen it out. Learn more about these tools by reading the[Image: 42250583882_ba2835e588_o.gif] Best Product Evaluated content.

Disk Punch

If you want to cut circles, squares, and other unique shapes in your jewelry, you will need the disk punch. It cuts evenly and repeatedly and will always help you produce identical jewelry shapes. 

To use this tool, you need to sandwich the sheet of metal in-between two layers before inserting the shape and then hammer out the disk. You may want to use the brass hammer because it works better and is pretty heavy to deliver more power. 

The Jeweler Saw

[Image: wymBz33.jpg]

If you have a small jewelry project that requires small and intricate cuts, you will need the jeweler saw to handle such. This tool will create your desired details even on the smallest jewelry works out there. The tool works with thin blades for parting the metal and thick blades to remove larger chunks of metal in jewelry works. 

Other Tools Worth Considering

It would be best to consider adding different gauge wires to your jewelry work. These include the 24-gauge, 26-gauge, 28-gauge, and 30-gauge. The 28 and 30-gauge wires, for instance, are great for jewelry involving precious stones and jewelry with very tiny holes. The 24-gauge wires are ideal for projects requiring bigger holes.

Final Words

It would be best to have proper tools for your jewelry work. Experts recommend that you should go for practice materials that are essential for jewelry making because it prevents wasting materials and learning quickly. 
For your[Image: 27428159927_1caac58d27_o.gif] Selection of Best Product For Crafters and DIYers, please refer to our guide and reviews on the Crafts Selection website.
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