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New subdomains are not seen through the internet
[Not Solved] New subdomains are not seen through the internet
Good morning, I will expose my problem to see if anyone can help me, I have 3 virtual servers, each with a purpose, the first server (windows) is the one that receives all the requests and sends them to server 2 (linux with senator) in server 2 I have several subdomains, those that configure first (years ago) work, but those that I am creating new ones, however from server 1 if I see them, but through internet the new subdomains I do not see them, however old ones yes, I think it's a vhost theme or something, but I've taken a look at Senator's vhost and they're fine, can you please help me? Thanks in advance, regards.
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[Not Solved] RE: New subdomains are not seen through the internet
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[Not Solved] RE: New subdomains are not seen through the internet
(03-14-2019, 06:12 AM)pinchos Wrote: ups...¿?

I am not sure that I understand your post correctly, but if you have a Windows server forwarding requests to a Linux server running Sentora, there may be problems with your Windows setup rather than Sentora's. Ideally, you need to take the Windows server out of the equation and allow requests to come directly at Sentora to diagnose the problem. Is there a specific reason why you route them through a Windows server first?

Also, without any details of domains/IPs, it would be a waste of time to guess. If you are willing to post details then it would be easier for someone to check your DNS and open ports etc. to see what we can see as a starting point.

I would suggest posting your vhost file as well if you are comfortable doing that, but again the problem might not even be with Sentora...

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