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5 Business Skills You Can Learn from Playing Online Strategy Games
[Not Solved] 5 Business Skills You Can Learn from Playing Online Strategy Games
Online gaming has been increasingly popular these days. The gaming users’ number keeps rising as time goes by. Interestingly enough, aside from the entertaining purposes, there are plenty of things to learn from these games. Awesome free strategy games you can play online with no registration are more than often useful. 

You know, strategy is important in various aspects of our lives as well as businesses. By delving into strategy games, you can develop the following business-related skills. 

1. Leadership

[Image: 1Nopq0V.jpg]
You can develop leadership skills through strategy games.

You can develop leadership skills through strategy games. As you’re the one creating and controlling the strategy, you’ll be in charge. All are your responsibility, and you must prevail by using your leadership skills. With the increased popularity, games provide opportunities to learn on multiple levels. You can learn from contextual information that is embedded in the game’s narrative. You can learn through the alternative strategies’ benefits, risks, costs, outcomes and rewards. As a result, you will make fast-paced decision making. These dynamics also help with developing relationships and delegating authority with others. Rather, your leadership skills will be improved.  

2. Adaptability

Most strategy games put you through lots of challenging situations. It’s necessary for you to take quick decisions. Most of these games require your adaptability to change. That’s one of the useful skills to have in business. 

3. Thinking outside of the box

[Image: w9kp7q4.jpg]
Success does have to do with original, innovative ideas.

Thinking creatively and off the beaten path is appreciated nowadays. Success does have to do with original, innovative ideas. Strategy games allow you to do things differently, standing out from the crowd. 

Use your own in-game money, weapons and armors smartly. Put your creativity and confidence to the test. When you learn to be original in the game, you’ll have a tendency to be original in real life.

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4. Learning to give up something for the sake of other considerations

There are times you have to give up something if you want to get something else. Strategy games give you more options. While it’s possible for you to choose A instead of B, you can’t choose both. You enjoy a different advantage with each sacrifice. 

5. Learn from failures

[Image: myRhAxA.jpg]
You have the chance to think of something new and do things differently when you respawn or restart the game.

You can learn the sense of grind by playing strategy games. You will occasionally lose, be killed in-game, or lose a large amount of currency. When you fall, you doubtlessly respawn or restart the game. You have the chance to think of something new and do things differently. Hustle (also, grind) is important in business. Without practice, tests, failures as well as optimizations, it’s hard for your business to reach its full potential.

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[Not Solved] RE: Can't install Dolphin if using Sentora - ZPanel
(10-10-2018, 06:31 PM)Catherine123 Wrote: I've come up with this error which has been documented before:
Warning: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/local/bin/php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/sentora/hostdata/okgurls/public_html/okg:/var/sentora/temp/) in /var/sentora/hostdata/okgurls/public_html/okg/install/index.php(1171) : runtime-created function on line 2
Before you tell me to disable open_basedir, it's not enabled in PHP.INI or HTTPD.CONF.
I found on the digitalocean site that the problem is with Sentora. It seems it won't allow anything to be written to a TMP file. The file must be named TEMP. The writer said "Just change the script". There are two instances of TMP in Install/index.php, but changing them to temp makes no difference. I'm sure there are other issues.
Has anyone been successful installing Dolphin with Sendora or Zpanel and are you willing help me and others?
See my other post on Softaculous.


I assume that you have direct access to the Sentora Control Panel to change settings etc.?

If so, then great. Go to ADMIN > MODULE ADMIN and under the "Administration Modules" section, click "Apache Config".

Scroll to the bottom and in the "Override a Virtual Host Setting" section, select the host that needs open_basedir switching off, and click "Select Vhost".

On the new page that loads, untick "OpenBase Enabled" and click "Save Vhost".

Give your server 5-10 minutes for the daemon to run and update the necessary files, and try your site now.

open_basedir is set in the apache vhost config file, not in php.ini or httpd.conf, and can be disabled per vhost as you have done by following the above instructions.

However, please note that this weakens the security of the server. If you are the only person who has access to this server and this particular vhost, then you will probably be safe, but disabling the open_basedir is not recommended and you do so at your own risk.

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