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[How-To/Guide] Update Roundcube, The best way to keep spam away.
[How-To/Guide] Update Roundcube, The best way to keep spam away.
Are you a new user to Sentora Control Panel ?, if you are be sure to update your Roundcube if you would like to see a decrease of spam being sent from your server. Well this is my first step after a new install of Sentora V1.0.3 . 

So lets have a few other steps before we continue:
  • 1: for this to be succefull, you will need to have a secure password setup for all your emails, clients emails, server "root" user, zadmin user. basically all passwords have to be random as well as above 16 characters.
  • 2: A password that i would call secure would have a minimum of 16 characters and within that 16 chars it must be as random as possible so that you make it tough on hashcrackers as well as the hackers that obtain your hash.
  • 3: Example of a secure ish password: 16 chars --> {nr7<X#^n2(<?v)9  :: 32 chars --> #$(y8CY4unyDCP!Ax@x)=.`kea2x`W$(
  • 4: The above is an example of a random password generated by my prog although there are various other password generators online. such as which is supprisingly good and you have an option to generate the password using your broswer instead of sending it across the internet to the server.
  • 5: check the current installation of sentora for any issues which is located in the log files.
  • 6: check your version of Sentora v1.0.3 is compatibile with the update.
  • 7: Check if your roundcube(current roundcube version on sentora v1.0.3, roundcube v1.0.4) is functional and you are able to send and recieve mail before continuing with the update.

So lets begin the update/installation progress:

First go to the RoundCube website: and choose which version you would like to install, I prefer using the stable versions.

We are going to upgrade roundcube v.1.0.4 to v1.2.6 and it works with the latest version as well v.1.3.1.

Download the v-1.x.x Complete of roundcube here are the two that work properly at the moment.
v-1.3.1 Complete = HTTPS://
v-1.2.6 Complete HTTPS://
Login to your server using SSH then enter the following:
CD /etc/sentora/panel/etc/apps
After that 
//now we need to get the roundcube using the links
wget HTTPS://
//then extract the .tar.gz to apps directory not /webmail
tar xf roundcubemail-1.2.6-complete.tar.gz
//CD into the extracted roundcube folder I'm going to use the * as you could be using any other version
CD roundcubemail-*
//now the main part :: Make SURE that rsync is installed other wise you are going to get a "ERROR500"
//upgrade time ./bin/ <TARGET FOLDER>
./bin/ /etc/sentora/panel/etc/apps/webmail 
//it will prompt you , before installation simple enter "y"
once the installation is done, do a little clean up you can remove the following folders:
IN THE APPS FOLDER /etc/sentora/panel/apps remove
-BetaTester3.0  ||  Just Another Sentora User. 

Did you know, Sentora has a full Support Documentation ?
If I helped +rep & Thanks is appreciated.
BTC: 1Bps3ZerDFDDnXJ9XdWtHhdhwsV4MVGLkw

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